NTUC Plus! Digital Transformation

How we gave one of Singapore's most recognised brands a fresh new approach.


What We Did

User Experience, Interaction Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Advertising

The Brief

NTUC Plus! was undergoing a brand refresh and wanted to connect with a younger, more internet savvy demographic.


In 2015 NTUC and Aleph worked together to establish a new online presence in Singapore and reestablished itself as the leading loyalty and e-commerce player.

A digital platform built on multiple channels (Web and mobile) and has a range of new e-commerce offerings while bringing the community together.

The challenge for the UX strategy was how to deliver content and present it in the most intuitive and uncluttered way. Lots of thought was put in to make the workflow experience seamless, pleasant and productive. Simple is always better, the design absorbed a minimalist look to allow the content to shine through.

Design Checklist:

  • Create a smooth, simple and secure purchase process.
  • One that was personal, human, fast and easy to use for all user segments.
  • With updated navigation and a user centric experience.
  • All powered by the latest technology stack for optimal performance and full of thoughtful touch to make working flow simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.


500% Increase in online applications and positive feedback on brand engagement.

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