Project WRIGHT

The First Fully Digital Bank in Philippines

Financial services

What We Did

Product Strategy, UIUX, Interaction Design, Scrum Methodology

The Brief

As a global bank, ING believes all sustainable progress is driven by people and businesses with the imagination and determination to improve the future for themselves and those around them. Their promise to customers is to make banking clear and easy, available anytime, anywhere. A complete digital bank. The first in the Philippines.

They needed a partner who understood exactly how to realise this dream.


In a country where only 30% of its population are in a possession of a bank account, the need to simplify and humanise banking was a vital approach. Our user journeys needed to be precise and simple, applying Human Centred Design thinking. All design solutions had to be constantly tested to be aligned with the users’ behaviours and needs.

Process Revolution
Being the first in the market, we took our processes conscientiously. With the use of Scrum methodology, we worked very closely with stakeholders to create scenarios that enabled us to constantly innovate and iterate our designs. The outcome created a phenomenal vision which was going to completely change the lives of the Filipinos. And that is iconic to us.

Future Think
The outstanding work in the Philippines is just the beginning. It’s a huge leap for the market that is disrupting the financial industry. Now, we are looking ahead. We have embarked on designing roadmaps, the next-steps, the aftermath - the future of digital banking in the Philippines. #futurethink

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