Permata Mobile

Banking on Conversations

Financial services

What We Did

Product Strategy, UI/UX, Interaction Design, Communication & Launch

The Brief

Permata Bank wanted to reach a younger audience, yet cater for the older generations.

In Indonesia, mobile is at its peak. Being the most important digital touch point to the customers, Permata Bank had big ambitions to delight with a meaningful and fresh experiences. 


Product Excellence

We ensured all core product touchpoint are world class, that they had gone through UX Design, HCD, and User Tested. Our end users must consistently be delighted.

Process Innovation

We asked ourselves, how can we create an organisation that keeps delivering amazing experiences and value to both the Bank and Permata customers for the next 100 years?

We created a process which supported delivery through innovation and iterations. The outcomes were persistent teams with a single vision: to create value and ease to our users' lives.

We helped Permata stakeholders and teams to adopt the scrum way of working by providing workshops and create a bespoke process tailored towards organisational excellence. The delivery centric process is motivated and fuelled by three key aspects: Timeline, Craft and Happiness.

People Centricity

We speak the same language of the tribe. Our user journeys begin with the users, but ended with business and results in mind. Together, we breathed the overall vision, and enjoy the journey.


Permata Mobile X revolutionised mobile banking in Indonesia. 100k downloads in the first month and counting strong.

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