XL Ecosystem

A digital ecosystem to engage, convert and support.


What we did

Digital Strategy, UI/UX, Interaction Design, App Development, Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Digital Marketing.

The brief

As part of the digital strategy, XL wanted to improve their customer experiences and empower their employees with tools that would strengthen their sales and customer account management.


XL and Aleph embarked on a journey, by firstly understanding the end-customers and engaging various XL business units. We managed to understand the gap within the business to propose the right solutions.

The idea was to develop an ecosystem of intuitive and intelligent tools that would improve the interaction between customers and XL. While focusing on real user needs, we proposed a multi-track and agile approach to continuously release solutions to bridge the customers and employees needs.

As a result of the process, we had established a culture of co-creation which allowed the various teams to contribute and collaborate in building end-to-end solutions that will answer real user needs. Additionally we worked closely with XL to create and drive digital marketing campaigns.


We managed to capture an increase of 45% active online users during the first six months of release. The results exceeded initial targets with a revenue increase of an average of 36%.

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