YOLO by VPBank

Vietnam's All-in-one Digital Bank

Financial services

What We Did

Product Strategy, UI/UX, Innovation Labs, Project Management

The Brief

As a progressive bank, VP Bank is truly a market leader by focusing on new innovation for banking experiences. They wanted to build an effective lifestyle platform which eventually would bridge offline & online experiences for end-users, merchants & agents. 


Together with VP Bank team, Aleph designed an integrated all-in-one ecosystem to empower and engage customers and prospects with a wide range of banking and lifestyle services such as music streaming, movies, travel bookings, etc. The main functionalities focus on promoting lifestyle use cases and digitising payments which ultimately helps all types of users save time and remove cash friction.

Our approach builds trust and confidence with the users by emphasising on guiding and explaining to the users why we require certain types of personal information in order to provide them with a more secure and safe platform.

Alongside the consumer application, a merchant/agent platform was also designed to create a fully digital workflow.

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